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Ready-made solutions

Do you need to save time and money on producing a customized solution?

Choose from the Microsoft Sharepoint CRM Dynamics package solutions that include a digital archive, guidelines, an effective system for meetings, time-off and employee training.

Advantages of package solutions

Saving development and testing time

Saving money on production

Fast implementation

Continuous improvement of functions

Saving development and testing time

Saving money on production

Fast implementation

Continuous improvement of functions

Modules for Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Microsoft SharePoint


The main goal is to re-engineer your business processes and communication within the company, as well as to save the amount of time employees spend on administration. What currently needs to be done by sending e-mails or filling out Excel documents can be designed much more efficiently.

The DMS module can deal not only with storing documents in libraries but also with assigning tasks to documents, approving them, finding information in PDF files and other processes:
- versioning of documents
- bar code assignment
- attaching Meta data to each document
- direct editing of documents from the Microsoft Office environment
- editing documents in a web browser
- protection of the document library against unauthorized access to individual documents
- full-text search of documents (Word, Excel, PDF, PowerPoint)
- work flow - the ability to run multiple work flows on a single document

Invoices, orders, contracts

This module allows to have an overall overview, as all contracts are stored in one place. It allows automatic access to the final contract. The orders can be approved by department and automatically matched to the contract.

The system allows:
- matching of invoices with orders and contracts
- electronic archiving of orders, contracts and invoices
- a comprehensive approval process and registration of orders, contracts and invoices
- informing of approvers by e-mail
- the ability to edit and change approval persons and the number of approvals

The Invoices module allows:
- registration of invoices
- approval of invoices
- transfer of approved invoices to the ERP system (e.g. Profit

The Contracts module allows:
- creation
- comments
- incorporation
- approval

The Orders module allows:
- registration of orders
- link to contracts

Guidance for document approval

It is used to create, comment on, incorporate and approve the guidelines. This module can be connected to any document library. At the same time, the document can be commented on by the employees to the author. When completed, the guideline is published and displayed to other users on the internet portal.

The Guideline module allows:
- a simple and clear comment procedure
- multiple comments
- e-mail notifications
- acceptance or cancellation of the comment by the document author

Comments on the documents

The module is an improved version of comments in the Microsoft Word environment. The advantage of this process is that users do not have to exchange e-mails or entire documents and that everything is recorded in one place within the SharePoint itself.

How the process of commenting on documents works:
- the user starts the comment process and selects users to comment
- a task is generated with the necessary information for all users
- the main user can accept the comments or send them back for reconsideration
- the result is a well-arranged list of comments and comments on the comments


This module will help you not only to create minutes of the meeting, but also to assign tasks to individual employees.

This module allows you:
- to create an unlimited number of meetings
- to create an unlimited number of dates or individual meetings
- to automatically send invitations to meeting participants
- to directly assign tasks arising at meetings or conferences
- to automatically generate repeated tasks
- to maintain maximum security for documents and tasks related to the given date of the meeting
- to generate notifications by e-mail to the participants of the meeting of the expiry of the assigned task

The process of creating a meeting is divided into the following steps:
- the user who calls the meeting creates a new record in the Meetings module. It fills in the necessary data such as the title, names of participants, or what will be downloaded
- it sends an e-mail notification to the requested meeting participants with a URL link to the meeting
- libraries will be created at this address where invited participants can add documents - an entry is made in the document that is part of the meeting directly at the meeting
- the tasks created in the meeting are directly assigned to employees through the system
- the ability to set the meeting as repeated

Travel orders

The module is used to record and approve travel orders.

The module allows you:
- to enter travel orders
- to generate an approval document from an Excel template
- to change the template from which the Excel document is generated
- to send the generated document to a superior for approval


The module allows you to solve the application and the approval of time-off by superiors directly in the system without the need to send it by e-mail. In the case of a connection to an external system (HR system or ERP), it allows for not only information about remaining time-off to be displayed, but also the opportunity to enter the data into an external system.

According to the organizational structure, the system directly fills in the name of the person who is to approve the time-off. Employees can clearly deal with the substitution during their absence. The module also supports various reports needed for individual departments.

Employee training

This is a comprehensive e-learning system for employees, it supports the education of employees not only in IT courses, but also health and safety courses, in language courses, ECDL and many others.

The system allows:
- to create educational courses, to assign courses
- to test employees and monitor their results on an ongoing basis
- choice of the SCORM methodology or another
- to create text, audio and video documentation for study
- reporting of a variety of information
- to maintain feedback from users
- to create a discussion forum, event. FAQ
- also “live” virtual courses


This allows for the creation of projects directly from defined templates which simplifies project management.

Each project:
- creates its own workspace
- has its own location and unique permits
- can have an unlimited number of letters and libraries
- has automatically created librariescalendars, task type lists, where it is possible to write and assign tasks to employees
- can flexibly make use of e-mail notifications by adding users to the project
- boasts assigning and tracking tasks


A module for writing, solving, and distributing problems within the organization which allows:
- users to register internal and external problems
- internal and external discussion of the problem
- delegation of tasks
- link to MS Outlook


This allows users to manage reservations for rooms, equipment, cars, etc. Reservations can be edited and approved in the provider's calendar.

Only valid reservations are shown in the calendar for regular users. The module also includes notifications of approvals or rejection of the reservation.

Central register of contracts

This module will make the work easier for employees who no longer have to manually copy and paste contracts and amendments into the Central Register of Contracts, the system does this automatically.

The module consists of two parts:
a/ From the register, where there is a list of:
- contracts and registration of new contracts
- amendments and registration of new amendments
- exported contracts and amendments
b/ From export to CRZ enabling users:
- to export each contract to XML format
- to save the exported contracts to an external FTP server from which CRZ automatically downloads the contracts to the system

Digital archive

A comprehensive solution for processing, securing and storing documents in digital form. This is not only about secure data storage and archiving but also efficient search, readability and comprehensibility in the future.

Advantages of a digital archive:
- the modules can be configured according to the specific needs of the departments
- a simple search is possible at the level of the entire institution as well as at the level of departments
- only authorized employees can access a specific document
- functionality for commenting and approving documents
- Central Register of Contracts according to employees' rights
- clear arrangement of documents
- continuous access to information including from a computer or mobile phone via an internet browser
- long-term data storage and protection
- high level of security
- additional storage of documents and allocation of search permits
- access to one document by several employees at once
- full replacement and backup of the paper document
- hierarchical arrangement according to specified parameters

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